Offthesky & Pleq - A Thousand Fields 2xLP + ltd 7" (Infraction)

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INFX 061 LP.jpg

Offthesky & Pleq - A Thousand Fields 2xLP + ltd 7" (Infraction)


INFX 061 LP.  A Thousand Fields is the first collaboration between Denver, Colorado based artist offthesky (Jason Corder) and Warsaw, Poland based musician Pleq (Bartosz Dziadosz).  From the opening restrained "Ashes of America" 
with intermittant ominous strings through the industrial landscape of "drown under..." with it's glittering glass and harmonious drones breaking through, this work of ambient tapestry sees each artist pulling the best work from one another.  Both are veteran experimental and ambient recording artists with dozens of recordings to their credit.  Featured on a multitude of labels that read like a roster of contemporary ambient and soundscape recordings - Home Normal, Ephre, Taalem, Databloem, 
dataObscura, Basses Frequencies, Constellation Tatsu to name just a few.  

This recording feels like a potential has been met.  What has been hinted at in solo and prior collaborations meshed together with an influence of equal parts minimalism, fourth world ambience, field recordings, drone, and experimental composition to a stunning degree.  

Composition is thrilling when notes are allowed to breathe, to vibrate.  A single piano string, the circular slow melody of a violin, as on the nostalgic "Delicate Exit" or the delicate assembly of abstract beauty - distant harp, an interrupted string section, shuffling of feet, a ghostly echo as on "simulacromancer".

This is a 2xLP set, mastered by Carl Saff, cut at 45 rpm. It is housed in a tip-on style heavy gatefold sleeve with OBI strip featuring artwork from Pyhai. The first 300 copies will include a bonus 7" entitled "Still Your Bones" (INFX 062 S) with 2 exclusive tracks. The entire pressing is a 500 copy edition, available in white 180g vinyl (limited to 100 copies) and the remaining 400 copies will be on black 180g vinyl. 

There is a planned CD edition as well as a high-definition audio download for this release available soon.

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