Koda - Movements CD (Infraction) U.S.

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Koda - Movements CD (Infraction) U.S.


Originally released in 2004, Movements was one of the releases that shifted the focus of the label.  Analog ambient in one way, brilliant recordings from fairly unheard of artists in another.  The decision to stop clamoring from known entities to give us a release and focus on ones that shared the idea of experiments in ambient music, beautiful compositions, and a venture into a new chapter of recordings.

This is the 3rd CD edition.  250 copies.  

The other 2 editions sold out.  
1st CD edition (2004) was 510 copies.  2nd CD edition (2008) was 100 copies.  

From Brainwashed in 2004 : 
M. Derrick's ten compositions on this record easily qualifies as some of the most relaxing music I've ever had the pleasure of hearing. Ten tracks have separate names, but Movements comes together as one cohesive picture built from shining strings and warm, enveloping tones. Everything about this recording is transformative: it eliminates time, balances every aspect of the environment it is played in, and subtly coerces any negative or violent mood into one of contentment and ease. The dynamics on the record are deceptive, changing so softly and slowly so that it is difficult to catch the exact moment that any change actually occurs. Hums modulate, pseudo-melodies pitch and bend, but the aura of each track seems to bleed into the next without fail; Movements is incredibly well-conceived and constructed seamlessly, as though it were imagined as one continuous transformation. As far as actual instrumentation goes, it's difficult to discern whether or not these are over-processed instruments drawn out into oblivion or simply keyboards layered upon more keyboards. Whichever happens to be true is unimportant, part of the miracle of Derrick's work is that the instrumentation never changes but stays consistently inviting, beautiful, and captivating nonetheless. "The Tension Was Beautiful" segues into "Are We Water" in the same way that one movement of symphony might slip into the next. Instead of a whole range of instruments being used, Derrick minimalizes his available sources and bleeds every last ounce of soul out of them. Sometimes, as on "A Waterboat Singing Having Sunk," the instruments sound as if they are singing, harmonizing the way multiple violins or cellos do together, and at other times they are without reference and abstract, but still earthly and familiar. I've never felt quite so wonderful listening to a record—the speakers seem to pour out light when it plays. I have heard only a small handful of records capable of causing physical effects in the listener, but this is one of those records that literally speaks to and alters the body. I've found my skin tingling, butterflies in my stomach, and a steady bliss throughout my bones every time I've put Movements on, and that has been a very good number of times in just the last few days alone... never mind the weeks I've been soaking in its bright ghost and losing myself entirely. - Lucas Schleicher

“What will become of all the beautiful parts of our lives? The debut full-length _movements_, from the Michigan-based artist Koda presents 10 portraits as answers to this. A hazy incidence of complete isolation and the warmth of a setting sun. It would be accurate to say that there are enormous fields lying in between pulling them loosely together. Tracks such as “are we water” present these circular patterns of hovering strings that envelope the listener. Waves of harmonics with this beautiful tension tends to walk slowly, or rather drift along gathering up memories of the past. There was a time when I let this disc go on for hours and it reminds you of these serene moments, these settings that become apparent with a Rafael Toral track or something touched upon by the Stars of the Lid. It lets you in, opens up something you’ve forgotten – a wholly engaging experience. _Movements_ is a vague reflection of loss and loneliness and it succeeds with wonderful results.”

The Wire chimed in :  "The trick to this one is to bypass all tendencies towards quiescence and stillness that the bucolic imagery and titles with which M Derrick's first album for Ohio's Infraction label has been presented and crank the volume up. A short series of singleminded meditations on a single cluster of tones, their overlapping, phasing and resonating works better, conveying a deeper sensation of peace the louder they get. The sustained chiming ad blurring that occurs on each piece, producing an increasing sense of depth and shadow as they proceed, gives physical presence to suspension, allowing hiatus to assume the form that suits it best." - Ken Hollings / the wire
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