Drape - Let There Water Air LP (Infraction)

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Drape - Let There Water Air LP (Infraction)


180 gram vinyl pressing of 300 copies with 100 on clear and 200 in pure black. OBI strip on the side with printed plastic lined inner sleeve. Tip-on style heavy stock single sleeve. Gloss finish.

Spencer Williams and Ryan Gracey's 2nd full length LP as Drape on Infraction. Analog orchestras and guitar
notes that expand for minutes on end. The first two tracks on Let There Water Air are awash in a guitar and
cello haze, rising up on 'new mountains' like the morning sun cresting over the horizon. When it gets quiet, 
as in with the opening of 'Interiors', it is a stark-like Cage piano piece with the sounds of the piano
repair shop these tracks were recorded in captured like bits of dust. The buzzing of a not too faraway
guitar still makes it's presence known, but it is the slooow melody of textural piano that is the centerpiece
here. Where Drape in the past has blended noise AND ambience, here the noise is weighted, perforated and the
light is allowed to filter through. 

All filters aside, Let There Water Air is Drape shining brightly. Balance and restraint - the soft noise of
guitar, the melodic anchor of carefully chosen piano notes, the occasional metallic reverb and hum, even a
cacophonous (relatively) piano hammering (courtesy of Doug McDiarmid of Why?), and the entwining of guitar
strings with cello strings. 

Let There Water Air is available as an LP or CD. 

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