Celer - Xiexie 2xLP (Two Acorns) black vinyl JAPAN

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Celer - Xiexie 2xLP (Two Acorns) black vinyl JAPAN


NOTE : These LPs have a corner or two with slight nudging from the trip over from Japan, they are sealed copies, but whereas they should sell for around $25 or so, there is a deduction due to the sleeves being in VG+ rather than Mint condition. Vinyls are unplayed and new.

I’ve been sitting with Xiexie for a few days now. I think that perhaps you may have been exhausted at some point with the sheer volume of Celer releases. The enormity of recordings would do that. I likened it somehow to an artist that is showing everyone the process and then giving everyone a chance to hear it all. Every last bit of it. If there were, say, 5 Celer releases officially released (you decide which 5 are the best) and then it came out that there were 100 more sitting on the shelf, deemed unworthy by Will for human consumption, it would then equate into salivation, bitterness and longing to at least hear what was on ALL of those tapes. Of course, this isn’t necessary, as it is all there for you to consume, enjoy and critique.

The point here is that Xiexie may be the culmination of those digital-only sketches, the limited cassettes, experimental collaborations, the one-off compositions distilled down to an absolutely brilliant display of what Will Long is capable of composing and recording. An essential release in no less than 3 format options (2 x cassette, 2xCD, 2xLP’s). If you’re going to own one Celer release, or need to get reacquainted with Celer’s tape loop ambient mastery, this is the one.

On Two Acorns. 2A 15

Limited to 300 copies - 150 silver, 150 black vinyl.

Phonetic script: Xièxie
Chinese characters: 谢谢
谢谢 ( xiexie / xièxie ) is composed of these characters: 谢 (xie) , 谢 (xie)
English translation: thank you, thanks
to say | to thank | literally means 'thanks'. 'Thank you' in Chinese would be xièxie nĭ (if you thank an individual), or xièxie nĭmen (to say thank you to a group of people).

- Chinese -> English Dictionary

A week before leaving, I bought a dictionary and phrasebook.

Covered in rain, during the days and even the nights, Shanghai was lit in a glow, a mist turning to a constant grey fog. Buildings lined with neon and lcd screens flashed, and from around corners and behind buildings, the night was illuminated much the same as the day. Cars separated the classes, their horns voices punctuating the streets, as pedestrians in groups loosely scattered the streets, talking and walking on speakerphone.

Standing by the metro escalators, there in the square with the overhanging trees of a park, there is construction all around. The buildings seem to be climbing into the darkness at this very moment. Leaving behind and moving forward. We seem to know everything already, our illusion of experience. I imagine taking your hand, I imagined taking your hand, and the lights in the subway flicker as we go deeper. Transit bookmarks each experience, every daydream, and in the end they're interchangeable and indistinguishable between reality and imagination. Try to remember which is real.

To Hangzhou the maglev reached 303 km/h, the towering apartment buildings hunch under construction, passing by in blurs on the flat farmland landscape. I fell asleep, as you were dancing but to no music. The lilies on the lake nodded in the rain, dipping into the water. There was a Wal-Mart near the hotel where I won a pink bunny from a claw machine. I remember the beauty of the architecture of Hangzhou station, birds swirling around the pillars near the top, the echoes of the deep station interior, and the laughing at being lost. There at least we have each other, that memory, or that daydream.

Everything moves faster than we can control. Days are just flashes, moments are mixed up but burned on film, and all of the places and times are out of order. If it could only be us, only ours. If it was ours, if it was us. Sometimes everything goes faster than you can control and you can't stop, much less understand where you are. I bought a dictionary and phrasebook, but "xièxie" was the only word I ever got to use.

- Will Long, January 2019

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